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Pregnancy Photoshoot


Congratulations mummy-to-be! We are super excited about your maternity photography here in Banglaore, India.

Is your baby bump starting to show? You must be feeling butterflies in your stomach, especially every time the little one inside of you gives you a little kick. And the ultrasound scan proves that it’s all real. There’s a little one growing inside of you! Beyond the blurry black-and-white pregnancy ultra-scan photos, LetsClick Photography will capture the myriad colors of your family’s joy.

Besides going for regular check-ups at the gynecologist and shopping for baby clothes, you bond with your baby through gentle yoga and listening to classical music together. Here at LetsClick Photography, we are dedicated to creating the ideal photography session experience for you and your baby. We’ll beautifully capture your baby bump, and you’ll be looking for our newborn and baby photography next.

Maternity Photoshoot Portfolio

100% Enjoyable Experience Guaranteed!

Capturing Your Journey

As your baby continues to grow, your body adapts and changes in wondrous ways. Your body is working doubly hard to provide for both you and your baby. The process is magical but may be uncomfortable and even painful sometimes. You’re not sure if you’ll look good in front of a camera. When you choose LetsClick Photography, you can rest assure that we will bring out your natural beauty and your unique mummy’s glow. We understand that this is a precious and sacred time for a woman, and we want to celebrate just that! The LetsClick Photography team’s experience and expertise will bring out your best self in front of the camera.

Every day you wake up amazed by how a little human being is growing inside of you. Both you and your partner finally have a little one you can call your own! But you know you won’t have the baby bump forever, and one day it’ll become just a memory. LetsClick Photography is dedicated to capturing your journey in these beautiful nine months in our photographs. One day, you’ll be able to show your son or daughter the happiness you felt when he or she was in your belly, and share with them the stories of your pregnancy. Just imagine their amazement when they see what they and you were like before they were born.


You might dream of a romantic themed shoot, or a strong and glamorous shoot, or choose to showcase your natural beauty with nature as the backdrop. No matter what you pick, LetsClick Photography is dedicated to capturing the look in your eyes, the way you cradle your belly and smile – all the tender moments between you and your baby.

Maternity Photography Bangalore is all the rage right now in Bangalore, India. From outdoor to indoor maternity photoshoots, mothers-to-be are taking the opportunity to celebrate this important milestone in their lives and forever remember their baby bumps.


Maternity shoots can be anytime from your 33rd week onwards.

If you are expecting twins, anytime from 28th week onwards.

At least 2 sets of outfits would be best. 1 set of lights colors and the other dark. We have flowly fabrics options if you are going for the nude/semi nude shots also we require you to bring a strapless bra, nude or white tube bra for the artistic nude photographs. Try not to wear tight underwear for the shoot as they’d leave marks on your skin when you remove them. You can also bring bikini wear and your own night gowns.

Do pack at 2 for your husband, color coordinated, as well 🙂

First of all, you should feel proud as being pregnant is a wonderful transformation as you are carrying a new life, your child.

You can be at ease, our maternity studio shoots are conducted by a very experienced Team. We have done plenty of maternity shoot and we understand what you are going through 🙂

We encourage your to bring your family members/friends along to experience your first family shoot together!

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