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Pet photography sessions are so precious because no two pets are the same.

Each pet has its own distinguishing characteristics, peculiar behavior patterns and unique markings which most people may never ever notice but to you, its owner, is what makes your darling pet so special.

We understand some pets are more of challenging to work with. Some takes more time to warm up to strangers, and then there are those who feel threatened and display aggressive tendencies. We’ll do our best. Get in touch with us to get started.

Why LetsClick Photography?

If you were to look inside your phone gallery, chances are that you have more photos of your pet than photos of any other family members.

You would not want to keep your memories of your furry friend with just some blurry photos on your mobile phone. Your precious moments with your pet deserves to be eternalized by our professional photographers, having showered you with affection all its life as part of your family. We will individually customize each of our photoshoot sessions to the needs of your pet.

When you look back at these photographs in time to come, we hope that the product of our present efforts will be able to bring a smile to your face, as you reminisce back at the wonderful memories that you have once forged with your treasured companion.

Fully Guided Pet Photography

Here’s what to expect: Our pet photographers will first do our best to establish a bond with your pet. As the best shots are taken when the animals are put at ease, we strive to create a stress-free environment for your pet so that we can bring out its true nature.

Our experienced photographers will observe and discern these traits, and through their proficient grasp over photography techniques, bring out these attributes of your pet in the pictures they capture.

One tip for the session is to bring along some treats for your pet. Who wouldn’t smile seeing their favorite snack right? Let’s do this!

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